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Conference Programme

9 July  
From 11AMConference registrationInstitute of Life Science 1
13.30 - 15.00Conference tutorial: (Part one); Prof. Nikos Komodakis, University of Crete Greece
 Discrete graphical models for medical image analysis: inference and learning methods, Part 1
15.00 - 15.30Tea/Coffee
15.30 - 17.00Conference tutorial: (Part two); Prof. Nikos Komodakis, University of Crete Greece
 Discrete graphical models for medical image analysis: inference and learning methods, Part 2
19.00 - 21.00Conference receptionInstitute of Life Science 2
10 July  
09.00 - 09.10Welcome: Prof. Ian Cluckie, Pro-VC Swansea UniversityInstitute of Life Science 1 
09.10 - 10.10Keynote 1: Prof. Alison Noble, Oxford University 
 Ultrasound Image Analysis: challenges and opportunities
10.10 - 10.50Classification and Segmentation 1, Session Chair: Ela Claridge
 1. RanPEC: Random Projections with Ensemble Clustering for Segmentation of
 Tumor Areas in Breast Cancer Histology Images
 A.M. Khan*, H. El-Daly, N.Rajpoot, *University of Warwick
 2. Tumour segmentation in breast tissue microarray images using spin-context
 S. Akbar*, T. Amaral, S.J. McKenna, A. Thompson, L. Jordan, *University of Dundee
10.50 - 11.10Tea/Coffee
11.10 - 12.30Classification and Segmentation 2, Session Chair: Bill Crum
 1. Nakagami-Based Choroid Plexus Detection in Fetal Ultrasound Images using AdaBoost
 A. I. L. Namburete*, B. Rahmatullah, J. A. Noble, *University of Oxford
 2. Classification of Microcalcification Clusters Using Topological Structure Features
 Z. Chen*, A. Oliver, E. Denton, C. Boggis, R. Zwiggelaar, *Aberystwyth University
 3. A Statistical Approach to Modelling Breast Tissue Appearance in Mammograms
 Z. Chen*, E. Denton, R. Zwiggelaar, *Aberystwyth University
 4. Efficient automatic segmentation of vessels
 A. Romero*, S. Petkov, C. Gatta, Dr M. Sabaté, P. Radeva, *Universitat de Barcelona Spain
12.30 - 14.00Lunch and Poster Session 1 
14.00 - 15.00Keynote 2: Prof. Daniel Alexander, University College London
 Microstructure Imaging: next generation diffusion MRI
15.00 - 15.20Challenge Abstract, Session Chair: Franck Vidal
 The application of full body diffusion weighted imaging in oncology
 N. Colgan*, *Swansea University
15.20 - 16.00Diffusion MRI, Session Chair: Franck Vidal
 1. White Matter Models of in Vivo Diffusion MRI Human Brain Data: A Statistical Ranking
 U. Ferizi*, E. Panagiotaki, T. Schneider, C. Wheeler-Kingshott, D. Alexander, *University College London
 2. Laplace-Beltrami Regularization for Diffusion Weighted Imaging
 B. P. Neuman*, C. Tench, L. Bai, *University of Nottingham
16.00 - 16.20Tea/Coffee
16.20 - 17.40Reconstruction, Registration and Multimodality, Session Chair: Stephen McKenna
 1. A Nonlinear Least Squares Method for Solving the Joint Reconstruction
 and Registration Problem in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
 G. Yang*, J. H. Hipwell, D. J. Hawkes, S. R. Arrige, *University College London
 2. Robust Super-Resolution Reconstruction with Multi-Modal Registration and Guidance
 M. P. Heinrich, M. Jenkinson, M. Brady, J. A. Schnabel, *University of Oxford
 3. Multimodality investigation of microstructure: the combination of diffusion
 NMR and diffuse optical spectroscopy
 A. Proverbio*, B. Siow, M. Lythgoe, D. C. Alexander, A. P. Gibson, *University College London
 4. Ensemble Learning Incorporating Uncertain Registration
 J. A. Simpson*, J. A. Schnabel, J. L. R. Andersson, A. R. Groves, M. W. Woolrich, *University of Oxford
17:45ILS 2 Imaging Suite Guided Tour
19.00Conference DinnerMeridian Tower, Swansea
Wednesday 11 July  
From 8.30Conference RegistrationInstitute of Life Science 1
09.00 - 10.00Keynote 3: Prof. Nassir Navab, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany
 Patient and Process Specific Imaging and Visualization for computer assisted interventions
10.00 - 10.40Image Restoration, Session Chair: Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
 1. Restoration of phase contrast microscopy images for the analysis of lung epithelial scratch wound repair assays
 J. Sarsby*, E. Claridge, G. Nash, D. Thickett, H. Jeffery, S. Zheng, *University of Birmingham
 2. Stack Alignment Transform for Misalignment Correction in Cardiac MR Cine Series
 C. Zakkaroff*, A. Radjenovic, J. Greenwood, D. Magee, *University of Leeds
10.40 - 11.00Tea/Coffee
11:00 - 12.40Deformable models and Energy Minimisation, Session Chair: Reyer Zwiggelaar
 1. Fractional Entropy Based Active Contour Segmentation of Cell Nuclei in Actin-Tagged Confocal Microscopy Images
 L. Meziou*, A. Histace, F. Precioso, B. J. Matuszewski, F. Carreiras, *University of Cergy-Pontoise France
 2. Medical Image Segmentation Using Magnetostatic Active Contours (MAC) with Tensor Diffusion
 H. Zhang*, X. Xie, *Swansea University
 3. Unsupervised Tumour Segmentation in PET Based on Active Surface Modelling and Alpha Matting
 Z. Zeng*, R. Zwiggelaar, *Aberystwyth University
 4. Level Set based Tracking for Cell Cycle Analysis using Dynamical Shape Prior
 Y. N. Law*, H. K. Lee, *Bioinformatics Institute Singapore
 5. Graph-based Segmentation of Optimal IVUS Media-Adventitia Border using Shape Prior
 E. Essa*, X. Xie, I. Sazonov, P. Nithiarasu, D. Smith, *Swansea University
12.40 - 14.10Lunch & Poster Session 2
14.10 - 15.10Keynote 4: Prof. Guang-Zhong Yang, Imperial College London
 Imaging, Sensing and Robotics for Minimally Invasive Surgery
15.10 - 15.30Tea/Coffee
15.30 - 16.10Motion Analysis, Session Chair: Nasir Rajpoot
 1. 3D Motion Estimation of Carpal Bones from Single View Fluoroscopic Sequences
 X. Chen*, J. Graham, C. Hutchinson, L. Muir, *University of Manchester
 2. Tracking neutrophils in zebrafish: the use of synthetic data sets
 C. C. Reyes-Aldasoro*, K. Henry, S. A. Renshaw, *University of Sussex
16.10 - 16.30Prizes & Concluding Remarks
Poster Session 1
1. Skin Lesion Image Recognition with Computer Vision and Human in the Loop
O. Razeghi*, G. Qiu, H. Williams, K. Thomas, *University of Nottingham
2. Performance Comparison of Low-level Vessel Detection Algorithms for Segmentation of X-ray Angiograms
D. P. Soto*, P. Chan, P. Rockett, *University of Sheffield
3. Ice-Water Phantom Localisation for Diffusion Calibration
H. Ragheb, N. A. Thacker*, D. M. Morris, N. H. M. Hogg, A. Jackson, *University of Manchester
4. Compensating for Drusen in Retinal Vessel Segmentation
L. Zhang*, M. Fisher, W. Wang, *University of East Anglia
5. Coping with Noise in Ultrasound Images
J. F. Roscoe*, H. Dee, R. Zwiggelaar, *Aberystwyth University
6. Multi-Scale Local Phase Features for Anatomical Object Detection in Fetal Ultrasound Images
B. Rahmatullah*, A. Papageorghiou, J. A. Noble, *University of Oxford
7. Segmentation and Mesh Generation for Patient-Specific Flow Modelling in Carotid Arteries
I. Sazonov*, X. Xie, S. Y. Yeo, R. Bevan, R. van Loon, P. Nithiarasu, *Swansea University
8. On computation of diffusion and fibre orientation distribution function in high angular resolution diffusion imaging
B. P. Neuman*, C. Tench, L. Bai, *University of Nottingham
Poster Session 2
1. Accuracy of prospective motion correction in MRI using tracking markers on repositionable dental impressions
D. Stucht*, P. Schulze, K. A. Danishad, I. Y. Kadashevich, M. Zaitsev, B. S. R. Armstrong, O. Speck, *Otto-von-Guericke University Germany
2. GPF Deformable Model based Vessel Segmentation in CT
S. Y. Yeo, X. Xie, I. Sazonov*, P. Nithiarasu, *Swansea University
3. ICP Variants Robustness to Gaussian and Impulsive Noise
S. Henry*, P. Morrow, J. Winder, B. Scotney, *University of Ulster
4. Correlating Histology and Spectroscopy to Differentiate Pathologies of the Colon
D. Carey*, G. R. Lloyd, N. Shepherd, N. Stone, C. Kendall, T. Breckon, *Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
5. Performance evaluation of simultaneous RGB analysis for feature detection and tracking in endoscopic images
F. Selka*, S. Nicolau, A. Bessaid, L. Soler, J. Marescaux, *IRCAD Strasbourg France
6. Scan-rescan reproducibility of neurite microstructure estimates using NODDI
M. Tariq*, T. Schneider, D. C. Alexander, C. A. M. Wheeler-Kingshott, H. Zhang, *University College London
7. Interactive Segmentation of Medical Images: A Survey
F. Zhao*, X. Xie, *Swansea University
8. Advanced Blur Removal Methods with Applications to Retinal Imaging for Ophthalmology
B. Williams*, K. Chen, Y. Zheng, S. Harding, *University of Liverpool

*presenting author.

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